The purpose of this review is () to study and systematically review the recent literature examining the co-occurrence and relationships between Axis I psychiatric disorders and Axis II personality disorders, specifically the six originally proposed for the (DSM)-5, and () to consider the clinical utility of the current Axis I and Axis II approach in the DSM-IV-TR and apply findings to state a position on the issue of collapsing together Axis I and Axis II. Community surveys or prospective cohort studies were reviewed as a priority. Our review indicates that the associations between clinical disorders and personality disorders clearly varied within each disorder and across the six personality disorders. Our understanding has advanced, particularly related to the clinical utility of comorbidity, and there may be sufficient evidence to support moving borderline personality disorder to Axis I. However, it seems premature to conclude that comorbidity is best conceptualized by having all disorders in a single category or by deleting disorders so that comorbidity is reduced. Our review suggests some priorities for future research into comorbidity, such as including personality disorders in future multivariate comorbidity models.


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