Visual field defects that arise from eye disease are increasing as human life spans lengthen. The consequences of visual field defects on the central visual pathways are important to assess, particularly in light of potential treatments of eye disease that restore function to the retina. For individuals with field defects arising from congenital eye disease, primary visual cortex (V1) appears to remap, whereas this form of reorganization is not present in individuals with field defects that arise later in life as a result of inherited or acquired eye disease. However, research has revealed that the areas of V1 that normally map the visual field defect are active under specific circumstances. This review attempts to resolve whether or not this activity reflects reorganization of the central visual pathways. Alongside the measures of function are measures of anatomical properties of the human visual pathway, which demonstrate transneuronal degeneration in individuals with eye disease. These results are concerning because degeneration of the central visual pathways may ultimately limit the success of sight-restoring treatments of eye disease.


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