We concentrate on the rich effects that surface tension has on free and forced surface waves for linear, nonlinear, and especially strongly nonlinear waves close to or at breaking or their limiting form. These effects are discussed in the context of standing gravity and gravity-capillary waves, Faraday waves, and parasitic capillary waves. Focus is primarily on post-1989 research. Regarding standing waves, new waveforms and the large effect that small capillarity can have are considered. Faraday waves are discussed principally with regard to viscous effects, hysteresis, and limit cycles; nonlinear waveforms of low mode numbers; contact-line effects and surfactants; breaking and subharmonics; and drop ejection. Pattern formation and chaotic and nonlinear dynamics of Faraday waves are mentioned only briefly. Gravity and gravity-capillary wave generation of parasitic capillaries and dissipation are considered at length. We conclude with our view on the direction of future research in these areas.


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