Bipolar (Bio)electroanalysis

Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry

Vol. 14:65-86 (Volume publication date July 2021)
First published as a Review in Advance on May 3, 2021


This contribution reviews a selection of the most recent studies on the use of bipolar electrochemistry in the framework of analytical chemistry. Despite the fact that the concept is not new, with several important studies dating back to the middle of the last century, completely novel and very original approaches have emerged over the last decade. This current revival illustrates that scientists still (re)discover some exciting virtues of this approach, which are useful in many different areas, especially for tackling analytical challenges in an unconventional way. In several cases, this “wireless” electrochemistry strategy enables carrying out measurements that are simply not possible with classic electrochemical approaches. This review will hopefully stimulate new ideas and trigger scientists to integrate some aspects of bipolar electrochemistry in their work in order to drive the topic into yet unexplored and eventually completely unexpected directions.