Supplemental Material Guidelines

What is Supplemental Material?

Article-relevant material that is difficult or impossible to include in the typeset manuscript can be made available online in our Supplemental Materials repository. Candidates for inclusion in Supplemental Material are videos or other multimedia objects, additional figures, large data sets and tables, and related references. Authors who wish to publish Supplemental Material should notify their Production Editor early in the production process to avoid delays.

Supplemental material must directly supplement the material presented in the primary article. The article in turn must form a coherent whole that does not depend for comprehensibility on the online supplement. For example, an online-only data set should flesh out but not replace explanations or conclusions in the article. Think of the Supplemental Material as directly supportive but not primary.

Preparing Your Supplemental Material

Please note: It is the author’s responsibility to put Supplemental Material in a final, copyedited form before submission. If you are submitting files originally created by someone else, you are responsible for obtaining all necessary permissions for Annual Reviews to post these files on our site (and any external sites, such as YouTube) and offer them for download.


  • Annual Reviews accepts all common video formats (wmv, avi, mov, mp4, mpg, flv, swf, etc.). Video files will be made available for download from the Supplemental Materials page.
  • With the author’s permission, we will also post supplemental videos to YouTube and/or other external video sharing sites, such as Vimeo.
  • Video compression settings: Authors are encouraged to follow the Vimeo video compression guidelines: https://vimeo.com/help/compression.

Tables, graphics, and text

  • Our preference is to receive these files in their original format (Word, Excel, etc.). We will convert most text and graphic files into PDFs for download by the widest possible audience. Large data sets and other Excel files are usually made available for download in their original format.

Other types of files

  • Specialized file types, such as R-code, will be offered for download in their original format or as a zipped file. We do not support executable files of any kind, such as Java applets.
  • Size limitations: Individual files should be less than 100 MB.
  • Supplemental materials may not contain either a parallel or revised version of the original Annual Review article.

Submitting Supplemental Material

  • Supplemental material should be submitted concurrently with article text materials, well in advance of the expected text publication date.
  • Supplemental material must be submitted to the appropriate Production Editor in an electronic format when the original manuscript is submitted.

Calling Out Supplemental Material

Supplemental Material must be called out in the text.

Please note: If the author fails to provide acceptable Supplemental Material files in a timely fashion (i.e., before the manuscript goes to the typesetter), the Supplemental Material will not be referenced in the article.

Maintenance Guidelines

Annual Reviews will keep materials in its supplemental repository as long as practical within the limits of our resources. In a situation where we are forced to remove data, we will remove older and/or exceptionally large files first. Please maintain updated copies of your Supplemental Material among your own file backups. Annual Reviews will not revise or update Supplemental Material after the initial online publication.

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