Disclosure of Potential Bias

A potential bias does not mean that the work presented has been compromised, nor does it disqualify authors from publication. However, in an effort to provide readers with information relevant to factors that might be viewed as biasing a literature review, Annual Reviews asks all authors to complete a disclosure statement. This statement will be published in the typeset article.

Potential bias arises from any affiliations, funding, or financial holdings that may be viewed as affecting the objectivity of the review. Such factors may include, although they are not limited to, the following:

  • Employment, professional affiliations, paid consultancies, membership in related advocacy organizations
  • Funding, support, and/or grants received within the past three years
  • Significant financial holdings or patents

All authors are asked to sign and submit the Disclosure of Potential Bias form during the publication process.

Disclosure of Potential Bias Form

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