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Education correlates strongly with most important social and economic outcomes such as economic success, health, family stability, and social connections. —Michael Hout, Annual Review of Sociology

In this collection we explore challenges facing educators, students, and society today. The intersection of education and public health is especially relevant in light of the recent global pandemic. Parents, teachers, and administrators must develop new protocols and curriculum to further the education of children, adolescents, and young adults while protecting the safety and well-being of the community.

Our experts review education's impact on society through the lenses of psychology, development, economics, public health, and sociology. How have modern education policies changed lives? How have they not? How will policies change in response to the long-term consequences of COVID-19?

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Last updated 08/2023

Education and Development

Early Childhood Education: Health, Equity, and Economics

Robert A. Hahn and W. Steven Barnett, Annual Review of Public Health

The Great Divide: Education, Despair, and Death

Anne Case and Angus Deaton, Annual Review of Economics

Computer Games in Education

Richard E. Mayer, Annual Review of Psychology

*FEATURED IN KNOWABLE MAGAZINE: What Electronic Games Can Teach Us

Social Background and Children's Cognitive Skills: The Role of Early Childhood Education and Care in a Cross-National Perspective

Nevena Kulic, Jan Skopek, Moris Triventi, and Hans-Peter Blossfeld, Annual Review of Sociology

The Development of Cumulative Cultural Learning

Cristine H. Legare, Annual Review of Developmental Psychology

Early Development of Visual Attention: Change, Stability, and Longitudinal Associations

Alexandra Hendry, Mark H. Johnson, and Karla Holmboe, Annual Review of Developmental Psychology

Education Financing and Student Lending

Gene Amromin and Janice Eberly, Annual Review of Financial Economics

Social and Economic Returns to College Education in the United States

Michael Hout, Annual Review of Sociology

Schools and Social Stratification

Neighborhood-School Structures: A New Approach to the Joint Study of Social Contexts

Peter Rich and Ann Owens, Annual Review of Sociology

Hobbling: The Effects of Proactive Policing and Mass Imprisonment on Children's Education

Benjamin Justice, Annual Review of Law and Social Science

Improving Student Outcomes in Higher Education: The Science of Targeted Intervention

Judith M. Harackiewicz and Stacy J. Priniski, Annual Review of Psychology

Randomized Experiments in Education, with Implications for Multilevel Causal Inference

Stephen W. Raudenbush and Daniel Schwartz, Annual Review of Statistics and Its Application

*FROM KNOWABLE MAGAZINE: Curbing Implicit Bias: What Works and What Doesn't
Psychologists have yet to find a way to diminish hidden prejudice, but they do have strategies for thwarting discrimination.

Education in East Asian Societies: Postwar Expansion and the Evolution of Inequality

Emily Hannum, Hiroshi Ishida, Hyunjoon Park, and Tony Tam, Annual Review of Sociology

60 Years After Brown: Trends and Consequences of School Segregation

Sean F. Reardon and Ann Owens, Annual Review of Sociology

Testing and Social Stratification in American Education

Eric Grodsky, John Robert Warren, and Erika Felts, Annual Review of Sociology

Learning Beyond the School Walls: Trends and Implications

Hyunjoon Park, Claudia Buchmann, Jaesung Choi, and Joseph J. Merry, Annual Review of Sociology

Identifying Pathways Between Socioeconomic Status and Language Development

Amy Pace, Rufan Luo, Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, and Roberta Michnick Golinkoff, Annual Review of Linguistics

STEM Education

Yu Xie, Michael Fang, and Kimberlee Shauman, Annual Review of Sociology

Health and Education

Enhancing Community Engagement by Schools and Programs of Public Health in the United States

Mindi B. Levin, Janice V. Bowie, Steven K. Ragsdale, Amy L. Gawad, Lisa A. Cooper, and Joshua M. Sharfstein, Annual Review of Public Health

Inequality and the COVID-19 Crisis in the United Kingdom

Richard Blundell, Monica Costa Dias, Jonathan Cribb, Robert Joyce, Tom Waters, Thomas Wernham, and Xiaowei Xu, Annual Review of Economics

School Health as a Strategy to Improve Both Public Health and Education

Lloyd J. Kolbe, Annual Review of Public Health

The Relationship Between Education and Health: Reducing Disparities Through a Contextual Approach

Anna Zajacova and Elizabeth M. Lawrence, Annual Review of Public Health

Early Care, Education, and Child Development

Deborah A. Phillips and Amy E. Lowenstein, Annual Review of Psychology

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