2008 Financial Crisis: A Ten-Year Review

This conference marks the decade that has passed since the financial crisis of 2008. In conjunction with the following review articles from Volume 10 of the Annual Review of Financial Economics, the conference covers the events surrounding the crisis, what has been learned since then, and the perspectives of those with expert vantage points.

For complete conference program and video coverage of the presentations, please visit: https://www.annualreviews.org/page/financial-conference-livestream

Financial Crises

Gary Gorton (Yale University)

Mortgage-Default Research and the Recent Foreclosure Crisis

Christopher L. Foote (Federal Reserve Bank of Boston) and Paul S. Willen (Federal Reserve Bank of Boston)

Recent Research on Banks' Financial Reporting and Financial Stability

Stephen G. Ryan (New York University)

Systemic Risk 10 Years Later

Robert Engle (New York University)

Regulatory Reform

Andrew Metrick (Yale University) and June Rhee (Yale University)

Intermediary Asset Pricing and the Financial Crisis

Zhiguo He (University of Chicago) and Arvind Krishnamurthy (Stanford University)

Deregulating Wall Street

Matthew Richardson (New York University), Kermit L. Schoenholtz (New York University), and Lawrence J. White (New York University)

Deglobalization: The Rise of Disembedded Unilateralism

Harold James (Princeton University)

Liquidity, Leverage, and Regulation 10 Years After the Global Financial Crisis

Tobias Adrian (International Monetary Fund), John Kiff (International Monetary Fund), and Hyun Song Shin (Bank for International Settlements)

The Role of Housing and Mortgage Markets in the Financial Crisis

Manuel Adelino (Duke University), Antoinette Schoar (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), and Felipe Severino (Dartmouth College)

Measuring the Cost of Bailouts

Deborah J. Lucas (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

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