Subscriber Links Program For Google Scholar

Increase Usage By Opting-In To Google Subscriber Links

Annual Reviews is excited to announce our participation in the Subscriber Links program for Google Scholar. This collaboration with Google is an important platform enhancement that streamlines access to purchased content for authenticated library users. Users will be able to link directly from Google Scholar search results to purchased Annual Reviews content. This solution is intended to compliment (not replace) existing link resolver systems that libraries have implimented through Google Scholar and Library Links. Google reports that institutions participating in Subscriber Links experience a 15–20% increase in usage of purchased library resources.

To enable your library’s participation, email: [email protected]. (If you have already opted into this program through Annual Reviews, no further action is needed.)

Sample display:

For more information about how Google will use library holdings information:

For more information about Google Scholar:

Contact Customer Service if you need further assistance:

Email: [email protected]
Hours: Monday to Friday, 7am-3pm PST
Telephone: 800.523.8635 or 650.493.4400
Fax: 650.424.0910

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