Racial Justice, Policing, and Protest

Annual Reviews journals are highly respected sources of reviews on discriminatory policing of minorities, on bias in the criminal justice system, on inequalities in healthcare, and on other relevant issues. To draw wider attention to these resources, we have curated a collection of articles that focus on understanding discrimination and its impact, and what must be done to end it. 

Watch leading researchers Tracey Meares, Tim Newburn, Elizabeth Hinton, and Vesla Weaver as they discuss the current social uprising in the U.S. and around the world, as well as the states' responses, from a scientific and historical perspective.

The Mass Criminalization of Black Americans: A Historical Overview

Elizabeth Hinton and DeAnza Cook, Annual Review of Criminology

The Causes and Consequences of Urban Riot and Unrest

Tim Newburn, Annual Review of Criminology

Police Are Our Government: Politics, Political Science, and the Policing of Race-Class Subjugated Communities

Joe Soss and Vesla Weaver, Annual Review of Political Science

Complicit States and the Governing Strategy of Privilege Violence: When Weakness Is Not the Problem

Rachel Kleinfeld and Elena Barham, Annual Review of Political Science

The Consequences of Contention: Understanding the Aftereffects of Political Conflict and Violence

Christian Davenport, Håvard Mokleiv Nygård, Hanne Fjelde, and David Armstrong, Annual Review of Political Science

Understanding the Role of Racism in Contemporary US Public Opinion

Katherine Cramer, Annual Review of Political Science

Race and Authoritarianism in American Politics

Christopher Sebastian Parker and Christopher C. Towler, Annual Review of Political Science

Race, Place, and Effective Policing

Anthony A. Braga, Rod K. Brunson, and Kevin M. Drakulich, Annual Review of Sociology

Racial Innocence: Law, Social Science, and the Unknowing of Racism in the US Carceral State

Naomi Murakawa, Annual Review of Law and Social Science

Race, Law, and Inequality, 50 Years After the Civil Rights Era

Frank W. Munger and Carroll Seron, Annual Review of Law and Social Science

Cardiovascular Pharmacogenomics: Does It Matter If You're Black or White?

Tanima De, C. Sehwan Park, and Minoli A. Perera, Annual Review of Pharmacology and Toxicology

Racism and Health: Evidence and Needed Research

David R. Williams, Jourdyn A. Lawrence, and Brigette A. Davis, Annual Review of Public Health

Risky Situations: Sources of Racial Disparity in Police Behavior

Marie Pryor, Kim Shayo Buchanan, and Phillip Atiba Goff, Annual Review of Law and Social Science

How Subtle Bias Infects the Law

Isabel Bilotta, Abbby Corrington, Saaid A. Mendoza, Ivy Watson, and Eden King, Annual Review of Law and Social Science

Technologies and Health Inequities

Stefan Timmermans and Rebecca Kaufman Annual Review of Sociology

Addressing Health Equity in Public Health Practice: Frameworks, Promising Strategies, and Measurement Considerations

Leandris C. Liburd, Jeffrey E. Hall, Jonetta J. Mpofu, Sheree Marshall Williams, Karen Bouye, and Ana Penman-Aguilar, Annual Review of Public Health

Risk and Resilience in Minority Youth Populations

Amy K. Marks, G. Alice Woolverton, and Cynthia García Coll, Annual Review of Clinical Psychology

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