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Annual Review of Developmental Psychology (Volume 1)–December 2019

Early Deprivation Revisited: Contemporary Studies of the Impact on Young Children of Institutional Care

Megan R. Gunnar and Brie M. Reid

Using Developmental Science to Distinguish Adolescents and Adults Under the Law

Laurence Steinberg and Grace Icenogle

Annual Review of Financial Economics (Volume 11)–December 2019

Measuring the Cost of Bailouts

Deborah Lucas

Municipal Bond Markets

Dario Cestau, Burton Hollifield, Dan Li, and Norman Schürhoff

Annual Review of Criminology (Volume 3)–January 2020

Mass Probation from Micro to Macro: Tracing the Expansion and Consequences of Community Supervision

Michelle S. Phelps

Justice Reinvestment: Vision and Practice

William J. Sabol and Miranda L. Baumann

Annual Review of Linguistics (Volume 6)–January 2020

Language and Discrimination: Generating Meaning, Perceiving Identities, and Discriminating Outcomes

Justin T. Craft, Kelly E. Wright, Rachel Elizabeth Weissler, and Robin M. Queen

Individual Differences in First Language Acquisition

Evan Kidd and Seamus Donnelly

Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior (Volume 7)–January 2020

Job Seeking: The Process and Experience of Looking for a Job

Connie R. Wanberg, Abdifatah A. Ali, and Borbala Csillag

Within-Person Job Performance Variability Over Short Timeframes: Theory, Empirical Research, and Practice

Reeshad S. Dalal, Balca Alaybek, and Filip Lievens

Annual Review of Psychology (Volume 71)–January 2020

Judging Truth

Nadia M. Brashier and Elizabeth J. Marsh

Depression's Unholy Trinity: Dysregulated Stress, Immunity, and the Microbiome

Joana da Cruz Pereira, Kieran Rea, Yvonne M. Nolan, Olivia F. O'Leary, Timothy G. Dinan, and John F. Cryan

Annual Review of Anthropology (Volume 48)–October 2019

Soylent Is People, and WEIRD Is White: Biological Anthropology, Whiteness, and the Limits of the WEIRD

Kathryn B.H. Clancy and Jenny L. Davis

The Embodiment of War: Growth, Development, and Armed Conflict

Patrick F. Clarkin

Annual Review of Law and Social Science (Volume 15)–October 2019

Early US Prison History Beyond Rothman: Revisiting The Discovery of the Asylum

Ashley T. Rubin

Why Legal Transplants?

Toby S. Goldbach

Annual Review of Resource Economics (Volume 11)–October 2019

Impacts of Hosting Forced Migrants in Poor Countries

Jean-François Maystadt, Kalle Hirvonen, Athur Mabiso, and Joachim Vandercasteelen

Faster Than You Think: Renewable Energy and Developing Countries

Channing Arndt, Doug Arent, Faaiqa Hartley,,Bruno Merven, and Alam Hossain Mondal

Annual Review of Environment and Resources (Volume 44)–October 2019

The State of the World's Mangrove Forests: Past, Present, and Future

Daniel A. Friess, Kerrylee Rogers, Catherine E. Lovelock, Ken W. Krauss, Stuart E. Hamilton, Shing Yip Lee, Richard Lucas, Jurgenne Primavera, Anusha Rajkaran, and Suhua Shi

Land-Management Options for Greenhouse Gas Removal and Their Impacts on Ecosystem Services and the Sustainable Development Goals

Pete Smith, Justin Adams, David J. Beerling, Tim Veringer, Katherine V. Calvin, Sabine Fuss, Bronson Griscom, Nikolas Hagemann, Claudia Kammann, Florian Kraxner, Jan C. Minx, Alexander Popp, Phil Renforth, Jose Luis Vicente Vicente, and Saskia Keesstra

Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics (Volume 50)–November 2019

Spatial Population Genetics: It's About Time

Gideon S. Bradburd and Peter L. Ralph

Phylogenetic Comparative Methods and the Evolution of Multivariate Phenotypes

Dean C. Adams and Michael L. Collyer

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