Most Read Articles in 2019

Which topics generated the most attention from readers in 2019?

In 2019, Annual Reviews published 1,170 review articles across 51 disciplines. The following lists represent the top 10 downloaded articles from our newest volumes that published in 2019 and the 10 articles across all volumes that were most downloaded during 2019.



The Economics of Kenneth J. Arrow: A Selective Review

Eric S. Maskin, Annual Review of Economics

How to Do a Systematic Review: A Best Practice Guide for Conducting and Reporting Narrative Reviews, Meta-Analyses, and Meta-Syntheses

Andy P. Siddaway, Alex M. Wood, and Larry V. Hedges, Annual Review of Psychology

Entering the Modern Era of Gene Therapy

Xavier M. Anguela and Katherine A. High, Annual Review of Public Health

Racism and Health: Evidence and Needed Research

David R. Williams, Jourdyn A. Lawrence, and Brigette A. Davis, Annual Review of Public Health

The Role of Common Factors in Psychotherapy Outcomes

Pim Cuijpers, Mirjam Reijnders, and Marcus J.H. Huibers, Annual Review of Clinical Psychology

CRISPR/Cas Genome Editing and Precision Plant Breeding in Agriculture

Kunling Chen, Yanpeng Wang, Rui Zhang, Huawei Zhang, and Caixia Gao, Annual Review of Plant Biology

Projected Behavioral Impacts of Global Climate Change

Gary W. Evans, Annual Review of Psychology

The Use of Excise Taxes to Reduce Tobacco, Alcohol, and Sugary Beverage Consumption

Frank J. Chaloupka, Lisa M. Powell, and Kenneth E. Warner, Annual Review of Public Health
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CD8 T Cell Exhaustion During Chronic Viral Infection and Cancer

Laura M. McLane, Mohamed S. Abdel-Hakeem, and E. John Wherry, Annual Review of Immunology
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Global Environmental Change and Noncommunicable Disease Risks

Howard Frumkin and Andy Haines, Annual Review of Public Health


Metabolic Effects of Intermittent Fasting

Ruth E. Patterson and Dorothy D. Sears, Annual Review of Nutrition, 2017

Gender Stereotypes

Naomi Ellemers, Annual Review of Psychology

Parenting and its Effects on Children: On Reading and Misreading Behavior Genetics

Eleanor E. Maccoby, Annual Review of Psychology, 2000

The Prescription Opioid and Heroin Crisis: A Public Health Approach to an Epidemic of Addiction

Andrew Kolodny, David T. Courtwright, Catherine S. Hwang, Peter Kreiner, John L. Eadie, Thomas W. Clark, and G. Caleb Alexander, Annual Review of Public Health, 2015
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CRISPR-Cas9 Structures and Mechanisms

Fuguo Jiang and Jennifer A. Doudna, Annual Review of Biophysics, 2017

Weird Animals, Sex, and Genome Evolution

Jennifer A. Marshall Graves, Annual Review of Animal Biosciences, 2018

Plastics in the Marine Environment

Kara Lavender Law, Annual Review of Marine Science, 2017
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Working Memory: Theories, Models, and Controversies

Alan Baddeley, Annual Review of Psychology, 2012

Designing Difference in Difference Studies: Best Practices for Public Health Policy Research

Coady Wing, Kosali Simon, and Ricardo A. Bello-Gomez, Annual Review of Public Health, 2014

Can We Say What Diet Is Best for Health?

D.L. Katz and S. Meller, Annual Review of Public Health, 2014
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Annual Reviews articles hold a unique place in the scholarly communication ecosystem because they transfer expert knowledge synthesized from the exponentially expanding corpus of scientific literature to scholars and society.

They play a crucial role in stimulating discussion about science by:

  • Capturing current understanding of a topic, including what is well supported and what is controversial;
  • Setting the work in historical context;
  • Highlighting the major questions that remain to be addressed and the likely course of research in upcoming years; and
  • Outlining the practical applications and general significance of research to society.

Annual Reviews is a nonprofit publisher with a mission to synthesize and integrate knowledge for the progress of science and the benefit of society. We currently publish 51 highly cited journals in the Biomedical, Life, Physical, and Social Sciences, including Economics.

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