Epitaxial engineering of solid state heterointerfaces is a leading avenue to realizing enhanced or novel electronic states of matter. As a recent example, bulk FeSe is an unconventional superconductor with a modest transition temperature () of 9 K. However, when a single atomic layer of FeSe is grown on SrTiO, its can skyrocket by an order of magnitude to 65 K or 109 K. Since this discovery in 2012, efforts to reproduce, understand, and extend these findings continue to draw both excitement and scrutiny. In this review, we first present a critical survey of experimental measurements performed using a wide range of techniques. We then turn to the open question of microscopic mechanisms of superconductivity. We examine contrasting indications for both phononic (conventional) and magnetic/orbital (unconventional) means of electron pairing, as well as speculations about whether they could work cooperatively to boost in a monolayer of FeSe.


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