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The Goal of Open Access

Opening access to the knowledge generated by researchers from all disciplines is of immediate and practical application in creating and implementing solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges, from health and education equity to climate change to inclusive economic growth and the commitment to democracy.

S2O - A Goal Achieved

We successfully converted all 2023 journal volumes to open access using S2O, resulting in a 2-to-3 fold increase in global readership. Our 2024 volumes are currently in production, and with continued support for S2O, will convert to OA as they publish.

Ensuring continued success

What is Subscribe to Open (S2O)?

Through the innovative OA model called Subscribe to Open (S20), developed by Annual Reviews, existing institutional customers continue to subscribe to the journals. With sufficient support, every new volume is immediately converted to OA under a Creative Commons license and is available for everyone to read and re-use. In addition, all articles from the most recent nine volumes are also accessible to all. If support is insufficient, the paywall is retained.

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