Support for S2O from the Community

It is exciting to see publishers willing to take a fresh look at their economic model with an eye towards transparency, open content, and fairness. Our library is committed to support transitional and transformative models that move us to a sustainable world of high-quality information that is available equitably to everyone on the planet, and the Subscribe to Open model aligns perfectly with these values. Annual Reviews has given us a model that is easy to support.” – Jeff Kosokoff, Assistant University Librarian for Collection Strategy, Duke University Libraries

To encourage diversity in the scholarly publishing landscape, we need fresh thinking about models to support and sustain academy-friendly solutions. Nonprofit subscription journals in the social sciences and humanities—lacking the disciplinary culture and research funding to support article-fee models—face particular challenges converting to OA.

Annual Review’s Subscribe to Open introduces a reliable funding model that will allow nonprofit publishers to transition from conventional subscriptions to open access. The Subscribe to Open model provides a viable route to opening a vast corpus of gated research output, without increasing costs for libraries or reducing revenue for trusted publishers. SPARC congratulates Annual Reviews for championing such an innovative model.” – Heather Joseph, Executive Director, SPARC

Libraries know as well as anyone the quality of Annual Reviews’ content and the positive global impact it would have if it were published open access. With their new Subscribe to Open program, Annual Reviews has developed a straight forward way for libraries to help make this happen. All a library has to do is agree to participate, for which they receive a discount, and then, if participation levels are sufficient, the journals flip to open. Simple, effective, important.” – Curtis Brundy, Iowa State University

"I am excited to support Subscribe to Open, Annual Reviews’ new transformative strategy for advancing open access to scholarly communications. Achieving a large-scale transition to open access requires a plurality of funding strategies, particularly given disciplinary and regional differences in the way research is funded. Subscribe to Open addresses a critical need for supporting open publication of largely unfunded scholarship, for which article processing charges (fees per article) may not be a good fit. And it does so in a way that discounts library and consortial investments while satisfying Annual Reviews’ revenue needs—in line with our commitment to repurpose subscription spends to support open access in a fiscally responsible manner."
– Jeff MacKie-Mason, University Librarian, Chief Digital Scholarship Officer, Professor, School of Information and Professor of Economics, UC Berkeley
"The Subscribe to Open model is in perfect alignment with the objectives of OA2020, offering institutions and publishers a swift, fair and sustainable path to transitioning paywalled journals to open access. The Annual Reviews Subscribe to Open proposal is an ideal opportunity for libraries to secure unencumbered access to high quality journals for their faculty and researchers, while withdrawing their financial support of the paywall system—contributing not only to the research process within their own institutions but the advancement of scholarship globally."
 – Colleen Campbell, Open Access 2020 Initiative

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