How to Add Annual Reviews to Your Course Readers

How to Use Articles From Annual Reviews to Enhance Your Online Course Reader

How it works

Annual Reviews opens up a world of research to your students. Each journal’s home page contains a plethora of articles—a number that grows by up to 40 articles per discipline each year—all available for inclusion and use in your course reader.

A customized reading packet is easy to create. Simply:

  • Select the Annual Reviews journal of interest.
  • Identify the appropriate articles with the journals search engine or browse through each volume and develop a list of titles for your class.
  • Add abstracts and link directly to articles in your online syllabus, reading list, or other Web-based course materials.

That’s all it takes. As an institutional subscriber, your access will be immediate and seamless. You and your students will then be able to enjoy the permission-free material.

How you can benefit

Annual Reviews series are a valuable resource for undergraduate and graduate courses. By supplementing your course materials with our journal articles you can be sure that your students will stay connected to, and well informed of, the latest developments in their field of study. If your institution has a subscription, you can take advantage of this resource by including any number of articles in your online course reader. It’s easy and immediate, requires no separate request for permission, and is available at no additional cost to you or your students.1

Who we are

Founded in 1932, Annual Reviews provides researchers, professors, and scientific professionals with a definitive academic resource in 51 scientific disciplines. Annual Reviews saves you time by synthesizing the vast amount of primary research literature and identifying the principal contributions in your field. Editorial committees comprising the most distinguished scholars in the discipline select all topics for review, and the articles are written by authors who are recognized experts in the field. Annual Reviews publications are among the most highly cited publications as measured by impact factor according to the Journal Citation Reports (JCR).

1If your institution does not currently subscribe to the journal of interest, please have your department head or librarian contact the Annual Reviews Site License Department for pricing information and an online trial.

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