Subscribe to Open

Advocacy from researchers for OA journals

In March 2023, UK researchers wrote an open letter encouraging library directors to follow the lead of US library directors and adopt new models for scholarly publishing such as Subscribe to Open. Read the letter and see the signatories

Learn more about Subscribe to Open (S2O) and help spread the word:

  1. Download our infographic CC-BY-SA 1.0

  2. Pricing and expenditure information is available here.

What are the benefits of S20?

Benefits for Subscribers

  • Guaranteed permanent data rights to the content (regardless of the success of the offer)
  • Access to Reviews in Advance (RIAs), which are articles available before their official publication date
  • Enhanced back volume availability
  • Demonstrated commitment to Open Access

Benefits for Authors

  • OA publication without any article charges. This provides equal OA support for authors from all institutions and to all fields of research
  • Articles are published under a Creative Commons license

Benefits for the Community

  • Makes scholarly review content available to the larger community
  • Supports open science and helps meet the growing demand for OA publications
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