The field of optical and infrared (IR) interferometry has seen rapid technical and scientific progress over the past few years. A number of instruments capable of precise visibility measurements have been built, and closure-phase imaging with multitelescope arrays has been demonstrated. Astronomical results from these instruments include measurements of stellar diameters and their wavelength dependence, limb darkening, stellar surface structure, and distances of Cepheids and of Nova Cygni 1992. Precise stellar masses have been obtained from interferometric observations of spectroscopic binaries, and circumstellar disks and shells have been resolved. Searches for substellar companions and extrasolar planets with interferometric astrometry will begin soon. Nulling interferometry will enable studies of exozodiacal disks from the ground and the detection and characterization of terrestrial extrasolar planets from space. These developments are reviewed, as well as progress in some key technological areas.


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