Deferoxamine (DFO) was the standard of care for transfusional iron overload for >40 years, requiring subcutaneous infusion for 8–12 h/day, 5–7 days/week. Oral iron chelators are an important development, offering the potential to improve compliance and patients’ quality of life. The oral, three-times-daily agent deferiprone appeared to be a promising advance; however, its use has been limited owing to serious adverse events, such as neutropenia and agranulocytosis. Therapy combining deferiprone with DFO has proved effective in the management of severe cardiac siderosis. Deferasirox is a novel, orally active agent that provides 24-h chelation with a once-daily dose. An extensive clinical trial program has demonstrated that deferasirox at appropriate doses is effective in reducing or maintaining iron burden in adult and pediatric patients. The clinical program demonstrated that deferasirox has a safety profile that is clinically manageable with regular monitoring.


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