Self-Archiving and Complying with Funder Mandates for Open Access

Self-Archiving Preprints

Authors may post the preprint version of their work (a manuscript that has not yet been reviewed, edited, or prepared for publication by Annual Reviews) on an institutional repository provided (a) any preprint posted to the Web after the completion of the Annual Reviews Copyright Transfer Agreement states explicitly by which Annual Reviews journal the manuscript has been accepted, and (b) after the published version of the work appears on the Annual Reviews website, the preprint version is amended to include the following acknowledgment and link: “Posted with permission from the Annual Review of XXXX, Volume XX© by Annual Reviews, http://www.annualreviews.org.”

Self-Archiving Final Articles

Annual Reviews requests that authors not post the PDF of the published version of their review anywhere on the open Internet. However, Annual Reviews both permits and encourages its authors to self-archive, after the work’s publication, an Annual Reviews–supplied ePrint URL (a specially keyed URL that allows nonsubscribers to access an Annual Review article freely via the Annual Reviews website) on one personal website and/or one institutional repository. The ePrint URL is supplied by the Production Editor upon final online publication.

Institutional and Funding-Body Mandates

Annual Reviews complies with a number of institutional and funding-body mandates. Annual Review articles are explicitly exempt from the NIH mandate and other funding-body mandates that specifically exclude content that is invited and edited, as Annual Reviews articles are. As such, Annual Reviews does not deposit its content into PubMed Central. Nevertheless, if deposit to PMC will help you in any way, you may indeed make the deposit (stipulating, please, a 12-month embargo).

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