Errata Guidelines

If author(s) find a significant error after publication, online versions of the article will be corrected (if possible), and an erratum will be published online.

What constitutes a “significant” error?

A significant error involves incorrect information, attribution, or another mistake that changes the meaning of the article, equation, table, or figure. We will consider a spelling error that changes the meaning of the paper to be significant. We will usually also consider a misspelling of an author’s name or the name of a reference significant. Annual Reviews reserves the right to decide if an erratum should be published for a specific error.

For what types of error will you NOT post an erratum?

Typographical errors that are still readable, grammar corrections, and discoveries made after the article was published are usually not considered to be grounds for an erratum, nor are updates to author contact information or affiliation.

What if someone else finds the error?

Annual Reviews will not publish the erratum until it has been approved by at least one of the authors. If a possible error is found by a reader or researcher, Annual Reviews will forward a copy of the suggested change to the author for verification and approval.

Can you correct the error?

If possible, we will correct the error in online versions of the article, and insert a link to the erratum, which will consist of a short post describing the changes made. If the error cannot be corrected, we will insert a link to the erratum, which will detail the error. We will not reprint articles. The goal is to provide our readers with accurate information and to be transparent about any changes made to the article after publication.

I have found an error in my article. What now?

Contact the Production Editor for your journal. Give him or her the specifics of the error (e.g., page number, paragraph, line if appropriate.) The Production Editor will help you decide if the error is significant and compose what the erratum should say. He or she will then send the text for the erratum to the Electronic Content Coordinator, who will make any necessary changes to the online versions of the article and post the erratum. The Production Editor will contact you when the erratum has been posted.

How soon will the erratum appear?

We try to get the erratum posted as soon as possible. We understand that these errors are important and treat them with high priority. We usually post an erratum online within a week of your request. However, sometimes things beyond our control occur, and we ask for your patience.

Where will the erratum appear online?

We will insert a link to the erratum in all online versions of the article. In addition, on each journal homepage there is a link to a page that lists of all errata published for the journal.

Is there a time limit on posting an erratum?

No. We will do our best to correct any errors found regardless of when they appeared online or in print.

New information has become available that greatly impacts my article. Should I post an erratum?

No. Errata are used only to correct specific errors in the article. New information is not considered to be an erratum. You can submit the new information as Supplemental Material if you get it to us within a year of your article’s original publication date. Contact your Production Editor for additional information.

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