Special Article Collection: Crime and Society

Crime and Society: An Interdisciplinary Article Collection

In this collection, experts synthesize a wealth of literature on important trends and issues across the multi-disciplinary field of criminology to inform the direction of research, practice, and policy.

Our editors invite leaders across disciplines and professions to look at key issues and trends. These review articles offer critical evaluation of the current state of knowledge and deep references to leading research. Authors share insights and offer avenues for advancing research across diverse topics.

Last updated 08/2021

Geopolitical Factors Influencing Crime

Crime and Safety in Suburbia

Simon I. Singer and Kevin Drakulich, Annual Review of Criminology

Criminal Justice in Indian Country: A Theoretical and Empirical Agenda

Jeffery T. Ulmer and Mindy S. Bradley, Annual Review of Criminology

Immigration, Crime, and Victimization: Rhetoric and Reality

Marjorie S. Zatz and Hilary Smith, Annual Review of Law and Social Science

Immigration and Crime: Assessing a Contentious Issue

Graham C. Ousey and Charis E. Kubrin, Annual Review of Criminology

Crime Reduction and Crime Prevention

The Epidemiology of Firearm Violence in the Twenty-First Century United States

Garen J. Wintemute, Annual Review of Public Health

Effects of Policies Designed to Keep Firearms from High-Risk Individuals

Daniel W. Webster and Garen J. Wintemute, Annual Review of Public Health

Deterrence: A Review of the Evidence by a Criminologist for Economists

Daniel S. Nagin, Annual Review of Economics

Justice Policy Reform for High-Risk Juveniles: Using Science to Achieve Large-Scale Crime Reduction

Jennifer L. Skeem, Elizabeth Scott, and Edward P. Mulvey, Annual Review of Clinical Psychology

Effectiveness and Social Costs of Public Area Surveillance for Crime Prevention

Brandon C. Welsh, David P. Farrington, and Sema A. Taheri, Annual Review of Law and Social Science

Breaking Bad: Two Decades of Life-Course Data Analysis in Criminology, Developmental Psychology, and Beyond

Elena A. Erosheva, Ross L. Matsueda, and Donatella Telesca, Annual Review of Statistics and Its Application

Criminalization and Its Impact

Looking Through Broken Windows: The Impact of Neighborhood Disorder on Aggression and Fear of Crime Is an Artifact of Research Design

Daniel T. O'Brien, Chelsea Farrell, and Brandon C. Welsh, Annual Review of Criminology

Explaining Criminalization: From Demography and Status Politics to Globalization and Modernization

Valerie Jeness, Annual Review of Sociology

Sociolegal Approaches to the Study of Guilty Pleas and Prosecution

Brian D. Johnson, Ryan D. King, and Cassie Spohn, Annual Review of Law and Social Science

White-Collar Crime: A Review of Recent Developments and Promising Directions for Future Research

Sally S. Simpson, Annual Review of Sociology

Gender Identity and Crime

Gender and Crime

Candace Kruttschnitt, Annual Review of Sociology

Social Historical Studies of Women, Crime, and Courts

Malcolm M. Feeley and Hadar Aviram, Annual Review of Law and Social Science

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