Top Downloaded Articles in 2023

2023 presented another year of challenges and advancements in the medical/life sciences, social sciences, physical sciences, and beyond – from developing economic policies, to progressing the fight against climate change, to further understanding gender equity and the psychology of racism.

We extend our thanks and appreciation to our expert Authors and Editors who contributed to the scholarly excellence of our publications; their work allows for the continued advancement of knowledge in academic research. We are pleased to showcase our 'Top Downloaded in 2023' collection, featuring the articles that were most widely read across our 51 journals.

Below you'll find three categories that make up the collection: 2023's top 100 articles of all time, the top 100 new articles that published in 2023, and the top downloaded articles from each month of the year. Browse the lists below to learn more about which topics attracted the most attention from our readers during the year. The articles in this collection are fully Open Access under our Subscribe to Open program.


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