This review discusses a macroscopic thermodynamic procedure to calculate the solubility of gases, vapors, and liquids in glassy polymers that is based on the general procedure provided by the nonequilibrium thermodynamics for glassy polymers (NET-GP) method. Several examples are presented using various nonequilibrium (NE) models including lattice fluid (NELF), statistical associating fluid theory (NE-SAFT), and perturbed hard sphere chain (NE-PHSC). Particular applications illustrate the calculation of infinite-dilution solubility coefficients in different glassy polymers and the prediction of solubility isotherms for different gases and vapors in pure polymers as well as in polymer blends. The determination of model parameters is discussed, and the predictive abilities of the models are illustrated. Attention is also given to the solubility of gas mixtures and solubility isotherms in nanocomposite mixed matrices. The fractional free volume determined from solubility data can be used to correlate solute diffusivities in mixed matrices.


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