The last Hordeivirus review appearing in this series 20 years ago focused on the comparative biology, relationships, and genome organization of members of the genus (68). Prior to the 1989 review, useful findings about the origin, disease occurrence, host ranges, and general biological properties of (BSMV) were summarized in three comprehensive reviews (26, 67, 107). Several recent reviews emphasizing contemporary molecular genetic findings also may be of interest to various readers (15, 37, 42, 69, 70, 88, 113). In the current review, we briefly reiterate the biological properties of the four members of the Hordeivirus genus and describe advances in our understanding of organization and expression of the viral genomes. We also discuss the infection processes and pathogenesis of the most extensively characterized Hordeiviruses and frame these advances in the broader context of viruses in other families that have encoded triple gene block proteins. In addition, an overview of recent advances in the use of BSMV for virus-induced gene silencing is presented.


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