Increases in greenhouse gas emissions and concerns about potential global climate change are stimulating worldwide interest in the feasibility of capture, disposal, and utilization of CO from large energy systems. Technology to capture CO from power plant flue gas, while energy intensive and expensive, is commercially available. Capture from advanced combustion systems offers a further opportunity to significantly reduce cost and energy requirements of CO capture compared to that from today's pulverized coal power plants. No viable disposal options exist today for large quantities of captured CO. Ocean disposal of CO and geological storage, especially in depleted oil and gas wells, are leading candidates. Although some niche utilization may occur, utilization seems unlikely to become a major sequestration option. Since CO capture and sequestration is a relatively expensive mitigation option, it can be regarded as an insurance policy. However, since CO mitigation options are few in number, continued research to reduce the costs of CO capture and to develop feasible sequestration options is important.


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