Scintillators are the primary radiation sensor in many applications such as medical diagnostics, medical radiographs, and industrial component inspection. Some of the limitations in the properties of single-crystal scintillators are discussed for imaging applications, and the advantages of a new class of polycrystalline ceramic scintillators are described in detail. After the important scintillator properties of transparency, X-ray stopping power, light output, primary speed, luminescent afterglow, and radiation damage are described, the processing and performance of ceramic scintillators (Y,Gd)O:Eu,Pr; GdOS:Pr,Ce,F; and GdGaO:Cr,Ce are discussed. Ceramic scintillator uses and trends are presented in light of issues related to their uses in advanced medical and industrial X-ray detectors for CT imaging applications. Finally, some of the challenges are given for successfully developing a polycrystalline ceramic scintillator for use in photon-counting applications.


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