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Semiconductor nanowires and nanotubes exhibit novel electronic and optical properties owing to their unique structural one-dimensionality and possible quantum confinement effects in two dimensions. With a broad selection of compositions and band structures, these one-dimensional semiconductor nanostructures are considered to be the critical components in a wide range of potential nanoscale device applications. To fully exploit these one-dimensional nanostructures, current research has focused on rational synthetic control of one-dimensional nanoscale building blocks, novel properties characterization and device fabrication based on nanowire building blocks, and integration of nanowire elements into complex functional architectures. Significant progress has been made in a few short years. This review highlights the recent advances in the field, using work from this laboratory for illustration. The understanding of general nanocrystal growth mechanisms serves as the foundation for the rational synthesis of semiconductor heterostructures in one dimension. Availability of these high-quality semiconductor nanostructures allows systematic structural-property correlation investigations, particularly of a size- and dimensionality-controlled nature. Novel properties including nanowire microcavity lasing, phonon transport, interfacial stability and chemical sensing are surveyed.


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