As Jackie Gleason was wont to say: “How sweet it really is!” And—reflecting on the 1940s–1980s, when studies of microbial nutrition revealed exciting structure-function relationships of the B-complex vitamins with relevance to metabolism in humans—it really is. A chemistry degree from Beloit College and a doctorate in biochemistry from the University of Wisconsin set the stage for my life's work at Lederle Laboratories, the University of Illinois, and Vanderbilt University. At Lederle my research contributed to folic acid chemistry: coenzyme forms and function; antimetabolites and cancer chemotherapy. My subsequent university studies centered on lysine biosynthesis and metabolism, e.g. its precursor role in carnitine and in indolizidine alkaloids of physiological interest. There were also many opportunities to reach out and give something back to the system via teaching and diverse service activities, all of which has led to a happy, fulfilling career, one for which I am ever thankful.


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