The entrance channel to the OH + H → HO + H hydrogen abstraction reaction has been investigated from several different experimental approaches and complementary theoretical calculations. Weakly bound complexes between the hydroxyl radical and molecular hydrogen have been stabilized within a shallow well in the entrance channel and characterized via electronic spectroscopy on the OH 2Σ+2Π transition. Laser-induced fluorescence and fluorescence depletion experiments have revealed the binding energy of H/D with ground state OH 2Π radicals, the intermolecular energy levels supported by the OH 2Σ+ (v′ = 0,1) + H/D potential, and the OH-H/D excited state dissociation limit. The OH 2Π + H potentials have also been examined through inelastic scattering measurements on Λ-doublet state–selected OH with normal or -H. Finally, photodetachment of an electron from the HO anion enabled the neutral reaction to be probed in conformations sampled by the two isomeric forms of the anion.


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