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The review describes the studies of the magneto-optical properties of II-VI and III-V semiconductor nanocrystals (NCs) capped with organic or inorganic epitaxial shells. The investigations focused on the chemical identification of localization sites (core, shell, or interface) of photogenerated carriers in spherical NCs and elucidated the influence of the surface/interface quality on the optical properties of the materials. Optically detected magnetic resonance (ODMR) spectroscopy was used for the study of the proposed physical properties. The ODMR method provides the means to identify the surface/interface sites and correlate them with specific optical transition. In addition, this method reveals information about the spin multiplicity of band edge and trapped states and the electron-hole exchange interaction, determines the spectroscopic g-factors, distinguishes between the radiative and nonradiative characteristic of a trapping site, and evaluates the spin-lattice relaxation times.


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