Transposon Tn5

Annual Review of Genetics

Vol. 42:269-286 (Volume publication date 1 December 2008)
First published online as a Review in Advance on August 4, 2008


Tn5 was one of the first transposons to be identified (10). As a result of Tn5's early discovery and its simple macromolecular requirements for transposition, the Tn5 system has been a very productive tool for studying the molecular mechanism of DNA transposition. These studies are of broad value because they offer insights into DNA transposition in general, because DNA transposition is a useful model with which to understand other types of protein-DNA interactions such as retroviral DNA integration and the DNA cleavage events involved in immunoglobulin gene formation, and because Tn5-derived tools are useful adjuncts in genetic experimentation.