Phytases are phosphohydrolytic enzymes that initiate stepwise removal of phosphate from phytate. Simple-stomached species such as swine, poultry, and fish require extrinsic phytase to digest phytate, the major form of phosphorus in plant-based feeds. Consequently, this enzyme is supplemented in these species’ diets to decrease their phosphorus excretion, and it has emerged as one of the most effective and lucrative feed additives. This chapter provides a comprehensive review of the evolving course of phytase science and technology. It gives realistic estimates of the versatile roles of phytase in animal feeding, environmental protection, rock phosphorus preservation, human nutrition and health, and industrial applications. It elaborates on new biotechnology and existing issues related to developing novel microbial phytases as well as phytase-transgenic plants and animals. And it targets critical and integrated analyses on the global impact, novel application, and future demand of phytase in promoting animal agriculture, human health, and societal sustainability.


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