Healthy People 2010 is a comprehensive framework for improving the health of Americans, built on the foundation of several decades of predecessor initiatives. Its two overarching goals, to “[i]ncrease the quality and years of healthy life” and “[e]liminate health disparities,” subsume 28 focus areas and comprise 955 objectives and subobjectives. This review evaluates progress toward meeting the Healthy People 2010 program's challenging agenda in the context of leading health indicator (LHI) measures, developed by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), augmented by additional objectives for a total of 31 measures. Our evaluation of progress includes analysis of changes in objective values, including progress toward Healthy People 2010 targets, where appropriate, and analysis of changes in disparities. The Healthy People 2010 LHI measures suggest that although some progress has been made, there is much work to be done toward the Healthy People 2010 targets and both overarching goals.


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