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Electric and magnetic fields are ubiquitous in the modern society, and concerns have been expressed regarding possible adverse effects of these exposures. This review covers epidemiologic research on health effects of exposures to static, extremely low-frequency (ELF), and radio frequency (RF) fields. Research on ELF fields has been performed for more than two decades, and the methodology and quality of studies have improved over time. Studies have consistently shown increased risk for childhood leukemia associated with ELF magnetic fields, whereas ELF fields most likely are not a risk factor for breast cancer and cardiovascular disease. There are still inadequate data for other outcomes. More recently, focus has shifted toward RF exposures from mobile telephony. There are no persuasive data suggesting a health risk, but this research field is still immature with regard to the quantity and quality of available data. This technology is constantly changing and there is a need for continued research on this issue. Almost no epidemiologic data are available for static fields.


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