Science, Policy, and Public Impact

Annual Reviews has created this review article collection to explore the important relationship between science and the public. In this interdisciplinary article collection, our experts consider the impact of evidence on policy, the role of scientists in shaping public opinion, and the need for trust in science.

Download 22 review articles from 10 Annual Reviews journals, addressing:

  • Science, Research, and Public Attitudes
  • Evidentiary Influence on Policy
  • Trust in Research
  • Data, Replication, and Reproducibility

Online Discussion: How Has the Pandemic Influenced Public Attitudes Toward Science?
Knowable Magazine, the digital magazine published by Annual Reviews, further investigates how public attitudes towards science have changed over the past year. Watch speakers Cary Funk (Pew Research Center) and Harvey Fineberg (Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation) discuss the role that group identity plays in shaping views, and the lessons that scientists may learn from public opinions forged during the pandemic.

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Last updated 05/2022

Research and Public Attitudes

The Role of Citizen Science in Promoting Health Equity

Lisa G. Rosas, Patricia Rodriguez Espinosa, Felipe Montes Jimenez, and Abby C. King, Annual Review of Public Health

Credit for and Control of Research Outputs in Genomic Citizen Science

Christi J. Guerrini and Jorge L. Contreras, Annual Review of Genomics and Human Genetics

From Crowdsourcing to Extreme Citizen Science: Participatory Research for Environmental Health

P.B. English, M.J. Richardson, and C. Garzón-Galvis, Annual Review of Public Health

Developing an Understanding of Science

Andrew Shtulman and Caren Walker, Annual Review of Developmental Psychology

Introduction: Fake News, Science, and the Growing Multiplicity and Duplicity of Information Sources

Lawrence W. Green, Ross C. Brownson, and Jonathan E. Fielding, Annual Review of Public Health

Judging Truth

Nadia M. Brashier and Elizabeth J. Marsh, Annual Review of Psychology

Public Health and Online Misinformation: Challenges and Recommendations

Briony Swire-Thompson and David Lazer, Annual Review of Public Health

Climate Change: US Public Opinion

Patrick J. Egan and Megan Mullin, Annual Review of Political Science

Psychology of Habit

Wendy Wood and Dennis Rünger, Annual Review of Psychology

PHIRE and TWiV: Experiences in Bringing Virology to New Audiences

Graham F. Hatfull and Vincent Racaniello, Annual Review of Virology

Public Attitudes and Beliefs About Genetics

Celeste M. Condit, Annual Review of Genomics and Human Genetics

Attitude Change: Persuasion and Social Influence

Wendy Wood, Annual Review of Psychology

Evidentiary Influence on Policy

Sedentary Behavior and Public Health: Integrating the Evidence and Identifying Potential Solutions

Neville Owen, Genevieve N. Healy, Paddy C. Dempsey, Jo Salmon, Anna Timperio, Bronwyn K. Clark, Ana D. Goode, Harriet Koorts, Nicola D. Ridgers, Nyssa T. Hadgraft, Gavin Lambert, Elizabeth G. Eakin, Bronwyn A. Kingwell, and David W. Dunstan, Annual Review of Public Health

Better Government, Better Science: The Promise of and Challenges Facing the Evidence-Informed Policy Movement

Jake Bowers and Paul F. Testa, Annual Review of Political Science

Building Capacity for Evidence-Based Public Health: Reconciling the Pulls of Practice and the Push of Research

Ross C. Brownson, Jonathan E. Fielding, and Lawrence W. Green, Annual Review of Public Health

Can Informed Voters Enforce Better Governance? Experiments in Low-Income Democracies

Rohini Pande, Annual Review of Economics

Risk Communication for Public Health Emergencies

Deborah C. Glik, Annual Review of Public Health

Trust in Research

Vaccine Safety, Efficacy, and Trust Take Time

Terence S. Dermody, Daniel DiMaio, and Lynn W. Enquist, Annual Review of Virology

Transparent Social Inquiry: Implications for Political Science

Colin Elman, Diana Kapiszewski, and Arthur Lupia, Annual Review of Political Science

Is Most Published Research Really False?

Jeffrey T. Leek and Leah R. Jager, Annual Review of Statistics and Its Application

Does Transparency Improve Governance?

Stephen Kosack and Archon Fung, Annual Review of Political Science

Data, Replication, and Reproducibility

Advances in the Science of Asking Questions

Nora Cate Schaeffer and Jennifer Dykema, Annual Review of Sociology

Psychology, Science, and Knowledge Construction: Broadening Perspectives from the Replication Crisis

Patrick E. Shrout and Joseph L. Rodgers, Annual Review of Psychology

Some Advances in the Design of Survey Experiments

Paul M. Sniderman, Annual Review of Political Science

Replication in Criminology and the Social Sciences

William Alex Pridemore, Matthew C. Makel, and Jonathan A. Plucker, Annual Review of Criminology

A Systematic Statistical Approach to Evaluating Evidence from Observational Studies

David Madigan, Paul E. Stang, Jesse A. Berlin, Martijn Schuemie, J. Marc Overhage, Marc A. Suchard, Bill Dumouchel, Abraham G. Hartzema and Patrick B. Ryan, Annual Review of Statistics and Its Application

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