Annual Reviews Top 100

Top Downloaded Articles in 2022

In 2023, we published our inaugural AR Top 100 list of the most read articles in 2022 from across our 51 journals.

2022 was another year of major societal change, as reflected in the timely topics that are included in our Top 100, from mRNA vaccines to emotion and decision making to the political effects of the internet and social media to the state of the world’s birds.

Below you’ll find two categories making up the Top 100: 2022’s top articles of all time, and the top new articles that published in 2022. Browse the lists below to learn more about which topics attracted the most attention from readers during the year. The entire list is also available for download.




mRNA Vaccines in the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond

Michael J. Hogan and Norbert Pardi, Annual Review of Medicine

Meat Consumption and Sustainability

Martin C. Parlasca and Matin Qaim, Annual Review of Resource Economics

The Great Divide: Education, Despair, and Death

Anne Case and Angus Deaton, Annual Review of Economics

Replicability, Robustness, and Reproducibility in Psychological Science

Brian A. Nosek, Tom E. Hardwicke, Hannah Moshontz, Aurélien Allard, Katherine S. Corker, Anna Dreber, Fiona Fidler, Joe Hilgard, Melissa Kline Struhl, Michèle B. Nuijten, Julia M. Rohrer, Felipe Romero, Anne M. Scheel, Laura D. Scherer, Felix D. Schönbrodt, and Simine Vazire, Annual Review of Psychology

Germinal Centers

Gabriel D. Victora and Michel C. Nussenzweig, Annual Review of Immunology

Does Democracy Matter?

John Gerring, Carl Henrik Knutsen, and Jonas Berge, Annual Review of Political Sciences

Recovery from Work: Advancing the Field Toward the Future

Sabine Sonnentag, Bonnie Hayden Cheng, and Stacey L. Parker, Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior

Environmental Factors Influencing COVID-19 Incidence and Severity

Amanda K. Weaver, Carlos F. Gould, Elizabeth J. Carlton, Jennifer R. Head, and Justin V. Remais, Annual Review of Public Health

Adeno-Associated Virus Toolkit to Target Diverse Brain Cells

Rosemary C. Challis, Sripriya Ravindra Kumar, Xinhong Ghen, David Goertsen, Gerard M. Coughlin, Acacia M. Hori, Miguel R. Chuapoco, Thomas S. Otis, Timothy F. Miles, and Viviana Gradinaru, Annual Review of Neuroscience

State of the World's Birds

Alexander C. Lees, Lucy Haskell, Tris Allinson, Simeon B. Bezeng, Ian J. Burfield, Luis Miguel Renjifo, Kenneth V. Rosenberg, Ashwin Viswanathan, and Stuart H.M. Butchart, Annual Review of Environment and Resources

Whole Inactivated Virus and Protein-Based COVID-19 Vaccines

Peter J. Hotez and Maria Elena Bottazzi, Annual Review of Medicine

Cognitive Aging and the Promise of Physical Activity

Kirk I. Erickson, Shannon D. Donofry, Kelsey R. Sewell, Belinda M. Brown, and Chelsea M. Stillman, Annual Review of Clinical Psychology

Carbonatites: Classification, Sources, Evolution, and Emplacement

Gregory M. Yaxley, Michael Anenburg, Sebastian Tappe, Sophie Decree, and Tibor Guzmics, Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences

The Social Effects of Emotions

Gerben A. van Kleef and Stéphane Côté, Annual Review of Psychology

Breathing Rhythm and Pattern and Their Influence on Emotion

Sufyan Ashhad, Kaiwen Kam, Christopher A. Del Negro, and Jack L. Feldman, Annual Review of Neuroscience

Attitudes, Habits, and Behavior Change

Bas Verplanken and Sheina Orbell, Annual Review of Psychology

Trust Within the Workplace: A Review of Two Waves of Research and a Glimpse of the Third

Kurt T. Dirks and Bart de Jong, Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior

Social Connection as a Public Health Issue: The Evidence and a Systemic Framework for Prioritizing the "Social" in Social Determinants of Health

Julianne Holt-Lunstad, Annual Review of Public Health

Experiments and Surveys on Political Elites

Joshua D. Kertzer and Jonathan Renshon, Annual Review of Political Science

Eliminating Explicit and Implicit Biases in Health Care: Evidence and Research Needs

Monica B. Vela, Amarachi I. Erondu, Nichole A. Smith, Monica E. Peek, James N. Woodruff, and Marshall H. Chin, Annual Review of Political Science

Elites in the Making and Breaking of Foreign Policy

Elizabeth N. Saunders, Annual Review of Political Science

Immigration and Globalization (and Deglobalization)

David Leblang and Margaret E. Peters, Annual Review of Political Science

Biodiversity: Concepts, Patterns, Trends, and Perspectives

Sandra Díaz and Yadvinder Malhi, Annual Review of Environment and Resources

Personality Psychology

Brent W. Roberts and Hee J. Yoon, Annual Review of Psychology

The Recent Rise of Suicide Mortality in the United States

Gonzalo Martínez-Alés, Tammy Jiang, Katherine M. Keyes, and Jaimie L. Gradus, Annual Review of Public Health

Experimental Models of SARS-CoV-2 Infection: Possible Platforms to Study COVID-19 Pathogenesis and Potential Treatments

Sareh Pandamooz, Benjamin Jurek, Carl-Philipp Meinung, Zahra Baharvand, Alireza Sahebi Shahem-abadi, Silke Haerteis, Jaleel A. Miyan, James Downing, Mehdi Dianatpour, Afshin Borhani-Haghighi, and Mohammad Saied Salehi, Annual Review of Pharmacology and Toxicology

Analytic Criminology: Mechanisms and Methods in the Explanation of Crime and its Causes

Per-Olof H. Wikström and Clemens Kroneberg, Annual Review of Criminology

A Female Career in Research

Katherine M. Flegal, Annual Review of Nutrition

Recollecting What We Once Knew: My Life in Psycholinguistics

Lila R. Gleitman and Claire Gleitman, Annual Review of Psychology

The Structure of Intrinsic Motivation

Ayelet Fishbach and Kaitlin Woolley, Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior

Topological Magnets: Functions Based on Berry Phase and Multipoles

Satoru Nakatsuji and Ryotaro Arita, Annual Review of Condensed Matter Physics

Social Epidemiology: Past, Present, and Future

Ana V. Diez Roux, Annual Review of Public Health

Pericyte Control of Blood Flow Across Microvascular Zones in the Central Nervous System

David A. Hartmann, Vanessa Coelho-Santos, and Andy Y. Shih, Annual Review of Physiology

Education and Political Participation

Claire Willeck and Tali Mendelberg, Annual Review of Political Science

Social Motivation at Work: The Organizational Psychology of Effort for, Against, and with Others

Adam M. Grant and Marissa S. Shandell, Annual Review of Psychology

From Traditional Research to Responsible Research: The Necessity of Scientific Freedom and Scientific Responsibility for Better Societies

Anne S. Tsui, Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior

A Framework for the Study of Persuasion

James N. Druckman, Annual Review of Political Science

Phosphorus Acquisition and Utilization in Plants

Hans Lambers, Annual Review of Plant Biology

Permafrost and Climate Change: Carbon Cycle Feedbacks From the Warming Arctic

Edward A.G. Schuur, Benjamin W. Abbott, Roisin Commane, Jessica Ernakovich, Eugenie Euskirchen, Gustaf Hugelius, Guido Grosse, Miriam Jones, Charlie Koven, Victor Leshyk, David Lawrence, Michael M. Loranty, Marguerite Mauritz, David Olefeldt, Susan Natali, Heidi Rodenhizer, Verity Salmon, Christina Schädel, Jens Strauss, Claire Treat, and Merritt Turetsky, Annual Review of Environment and Resources

Climate Change Risks to Global Forest Health: Emergence of Unexpected Events of Elevated Tree Mortality Worldwide

Henrik Hartmann, Ana Bastos, Adrian J. Das, Adriane Esquivel-Muelbert, William M. Hammond, Jordi Martínez-Vilalta, Nate G. McDowell, Jennifer S. Powers, Thomas A.M. Pugh, Katinka X. Ruthrof, and Craig D. Allen, Annual Review of Plant Biology

Cosmology and High-Energy Astrophysics: A 50-Year Perspective on Personalities, Progress, and Prospects

Martin J. Rees, Annual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics

Carbon Fluxes in the Coastal Ocean: Synthesis, Boundary Processes, and Future Trends

Minhan Dai, Jianzhong Su, Yangyang Zhao, Eileen E. Hofmann, Zhimian Cao, Wei-Jun Cai, Jianping Gan, Fabrice Lacroix, Goulven G. Laruelle, Feifei Meng, Jens Daniel Müller, Pierre A.G. Regnier, Guizhi Wang, and Zhixuan Wang, Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences

Political Control

Maai Hassan, Daniel Mattingly, and Elizabeth R. Nugent, Annual Review of Political Science

Social Capital, Black Social Mobility, and Health Disparities

Keon L. Gilbert, Yusuf Ransome, Lorraine T. Dean, Jerell DeCaille, and Ichiro Kawachi, Annual Review of Public Health

Media and Policy Making in the Digital Age

Emiliano Grossman, Annual Review of Political Science

Targeting Solid Tumors with Bispecific T Cell Engager Immune Therapy

Tara Arvedson, Julie M. Bailis, Carolyn D. Britten, Matthias Klinger, Dirk Nagorsen, Angela Coxon, Jackson G. Egen, and Flavius Martin, Annual Review of Cancer Biology

Qualitative Research Methods in Chronic Disease: Introduction and Opportunities to Promote Health Equity

Rachel C. Shelton, Morgan M. Philbin, and Shoba Ramanadhan, Annual Review of Public Health

The Power of Beliefs

Margaret Levi, Annual Review of Political Science

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: New Concepts and Therapies

Barry J. Maron, Ethan J. Rowin, and Martin S. Maron, Annual Review of Medicine

Personal Values Across Cultures

Lilach Sagiv and Shalom H. Schwartz, Annual Review of Psychology


For articles 51-100, please see the full list. (.xlsx file)


Emotion and Decision Making

Jennifer S. Lerner, Karim S. Kassam, Piercarlo Valdesolo, and Ye Li, Annual Review of Psychology (2015)

Political Effects of the Internet and Social Media

Ekaterina Zhuravskaya, Maria Petrova, and Ruben Enikolopov, Annual Review of Economics (2020)

Parenting and its Effects on Children: On Reading and Misreading Behavior Genetics

Eleanor E. Maccoby, Annual Review of Psychology (2000)

Political Parties and Democracy

S.C. Stokes, Annual Review of Political Science (1999)

Metabolic Effects of Intermittent Fasting

Ruth E. Patterson and Dorothy D. Sears, Annual Review of Nutrition (2017)

The Causes of War and the Conditions of Peace

Jack S. Levy, Annual Review of Political Science (1998)

The Roots of Gender Inequality in Developing Countries

SEEMA JAYACHANDRAN, Annual Review of Economics (2015)

Executive Functions

ADELE DIAMOND, Annual Review of Psychology (2015)

The Good That Viruses Do

Mario Mietzsch and Mavis Agbandje-McKenna, Annual Review of Virology (2017)

Human–Wildlife Conflict and Coexistence

Philip J. Nyhus, Annual Review of Environment and Resources (2016)

The Growing Impact of Globalization for Health and Public Health Practice

RONALD LABONTÉ, KATIA MOHINDRA, and TED SCHRECKER, Annual Review of Public Health (2011)

Political Misinformation

Jennifer Jerit and Yangzi Zhao, Annual Review of Political Science (2020)

Racism and Health: Evidence and Needed Research

David R. Williams, Jourdyn A. Lawrence, and Brigette A. Davis, Annual Review of Public Health (2019)

Learning from Errors

Janet Metcalfe, Annual Review of Psychology (2017)

Framing Theory

Dennis Chong and James N. Druckman, Annual Review of Political Science (2007)

Machine Learning Methods That Economists Should Know About

Susan Athey and Guido W. Imbens, Annual Review of Economics (2019)

Weird Animals, Sex, and Genome Evolution

Jennifer A. Marshall Graves, Annual Review of Animal Biosciences (2018)

Structure, Function, and Evolution of Coronavirus Spike Proteins

Fang Li, Annual Review of Virology (2016)

Machine Learning for Fluid Mechanics

Steven L. Brunton, Petros Koumoutsakos, and Bernd R. Noack, Annual Review of Virology (2020)

Media and the Development of Gender Role Stereotypes

L. Monique Ward and Petal Grower, Annual Review of Developmental Psychology (2020)

The Origins and Consequences of Affective Polarization in the United States

Shanto Iyengar, Yphtach Lelkes, Matthew Levendusky, Neil Malhotra, and Sean J. Westwood, Annual Review of Political Science (2019)

Working Memory: Theories, Models, and Controversies

Alan Baddeley, Annual Review of Psychology (2012)

Designing Difference in Difference Studies: Best Practices for Public Health Policy Research

Coady Wing, Kosali Simon, and Ricardo A. Bello-Gomez, Annual Review of Public Health (2018)

The Mass Criminalization of Black Americans: A Historical Overview

Elizabeth Hinton and DeAnza Cook, Annual Review of Criminology (2021)

Organic Agriculture, Food Security, and the Environment

Eva-Marie Meemken and Matin Qaim, Annual Review of Resource Economics (2018)

Three Decades of Climate Mitigation: Why Haven't We Bent the Global Emissions Curve?

Isak Stoddard, Kevin Anderson, Stuart Capstick, Wim Carton, Joanna Depledge, Keri Facer, Clair Gough, Frederic Hache, Claire Hoolohan, Martin Hultman, Niclas Hällström, Sivan Kartha, Sonja Klinsky, Magdalena Kuchler, Eva Lövbrand, Naghmeh Nasiritousi, Peter Newell, Glen P. Peters, Youba Sokona, Andy Stirling, Matthew Stilwell, Clive L. Spash, and Mariama Williams, Annual Review of Environment and Resources (2021)

Public Health and Online Misinformation: Challenges and Recommendations

Briony Swire-Thompson and David Lazer, Annual Review of Public Health (2020)

Globalization and Politics

Suzanne Berger, Annual Review of Political Science (2000)

Judgment and Decision Making

Baruch Fischhoff and Stephen B. Broomell, Annual Review of Psychology (2020)

Nationalism: What We Know and What We Still Need to Know

Harris Mylonas and Maya Tudor, Annual Review of Political Science (2021)

The Social Determinants of Health: Coming of Age

Paula Braveman, Susan Egerter, and David R. Williams, Annual Review of Public Health (2011)

The Politics of Sustainability and Development

Ian Scoones, Annual Review of Environment and Resources (2016)

Measures of Racism, Sexism, Heterosexism, and Gender Binarism for Health Equity Research: From Structural Injustice to Embodied Harm—An Ecosocial Analysis

Nancy Krieger, Annual Review of Public Health (2020)

Culture, Politics, and Economic Development

Paul Collier, Annual Review of Political Science (2017)

The Role of Media Violence in Violent Behavior

L. Rowell Huesmann and Laramie D. Taylor, Annual Review of Public Health (2006)

Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation in Biology

Anthony A. Hyman, Christoph A. Weber, and Frank Jülicher, Annual Review of Cell and Developmental Biology (2014)

REVIEW OF COMMUNITY-BASED RESEARCH: Assessing Partnership Approaches to Improve Public Health

Barbara A. Israel, Amy J. Schulz, Edith A. Parker, and Adam B. Becker, Annual Review of Public Health (1998)

Intersectionality's Definitional Dilemmas

Patricia Hill Collins, Annual Review of Sociology (2015)

The Origins, Development, and Possible Decline of the Modern State

Hendrik Spruyt, Annual Review of Political Science (2002)

Dopamine and Addiction

Roy A. Wise and Mykel A. Robble, Annual Review of Psychology (2020)

Global Water Pollution and Human Health

René P. Schwarzenbach, Thomas Egli, Thomas B. Hofstetter, Urs von Gunten, and Bernhard Wehrli, Annual Review of Environment and Resources (2010)

Nature and Health

Terry Hartig, Richard Mitchell, Sjerp de Vries, and Howard Frumkin, Annual Review of Public Health (2014)

Evidence-Based Public Health: A Fundamental Concept for Public Health Practice

Ross C. Brownson, Jonathan E. Fielding, and Christopher M. Maylahn, Annual Review of Public Health (2009)

Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids and Their Health Benefits

Fereidoon Shahidi and Priyatharini Ambigaipalan, Annual Review of Food Science and Technology (2018)

Domestic Politics, Foreign Policy, and Theories of International Relations

James D. Fearon, Annual Review of Political Science (1998)

The Big Five Personality Traits in the Political Arena

Alan S. Gerber, Gregory A. Huber, David Doherty, and Conor M. Dowling, Annual Review of Political Science (2011)

Mediation Analysis: A Practitioner's Guide

Tyler J. VanderWeele, Annual Review of Public Health (2016)

What Do Platforms Do? Understanding the Gig Economy

Steven Vallas and Juliet B. Schor, Annual Review of Sociology (2020)

ELECTORAL FRAUD: Cause, Types, and Consequences

Fabrice Lehoucq, Annual Review of Political Science (2020)

Civil-Military Relations

Peter D. Feaver, Annual Review of Political Science (1999)


For articles 51-100, please see the full list. (.xlxs file)

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